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About Us

   Central Oklahoma Landscape LLC was born out of two great landscape companies.  Tod's Lawn and Landscape, LLC and TNT Lawn and Landscape


   Tod's Lawn and Landscape was created in 2008 by owner Tod Thornton.

   TNT Lawn and Landscape was founded in 2008, and Trae Thornton and Tyler Enyeart were the owners.

   Both companies had been operating in the central Oklahoma area since their inception.


   The decision was made to grow together and create Central Oklahoma Landscape LLC. beginning 1/1/2016.  Please join us as we grow.

Lawn Care

   Lawn care is the most basic service Central Oklahoma Landscape provides for our customers.  Even though it is a basic service, weekly lawn care can keep your lawn healthy and looking its best.  If you would like to schedule a weekly lawn care maintenance program for your yard, contact us. 


   Landscaping can turn a house into a home or can give you a sense of pride when driving up to your business.  Landscape is in our name for a purpose.  Central Oklahoma Landscape excels in design, installation, and maintenance of all types of landscapes for our customers.  If you have a vision for landscaping for your home or business, Central Oklahoma Landscape can install it for you.  If you need some assistance with the vision, we can help with that as well.  Contact us to arrange a free consultation with our team.


   Hardscapes, as the name would suggest, refers to the hard materials used in landscaping, like wood, bricks, stone or concrete.  Uses of these materials include pavers for sidewalks, patios and flower bed walls.  Hardscape products can also be used for larger outdoor living areas in both home or for commercial applications.  Outdoor kitchens, pergolas, fireplaces, water features and benches are a few examples of outdoor living hardscapes.  Let Central Oklahoma Landscape give you a free quote today.


   From the most basic, to the highest end custom builds, our fences are the best value in the metro.  Our Spruce fences are made from 3/4" thick pickets and our Cedar fences are built with pickets that are 7/8" thick!  All our fences are hung on 2x4 runners rather than 2x3's for greater longevity and quality.

   Don't compromise on one of your largest investments. Our craftsmanship is top shelf and we offer the best fence for the price, often beating other bids by 1,000's of dollars. Call us for a free estimate today.

Weed Control

   At Central Oklahoma Landscape we take pride in making your residential or commercial property look it's best by providing our top of the line service, routinely performed by our certified applicator and our application team.  Our 6 application a year system mixes in pre emergent, fertilizer, post emergent, and safe weed control chemicals to keep your lawn looking it's weed free best.  For a weed free lawn, call us today.

Tree pruning

   We at Central Oklahoma Landscape can help the overall health of your tree by providing much needed pruning.  If your trees need some tender loving care, we can prune them back to where they not only look good, but will continue to provide healthy shade for your property.    Call us for a free quote.



A 3D digital rendering of a custom landscape designed by Central Oklahoma Landscape LLC, out of Moore, OK.

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